IDOLON STUDIO is in close collaboration with La-Mire (Orléans, FR) for its new project of artistic residency "A roof above your head" : This year, alongside its exhibition program, la mire extends beyond the borders by initiating a short-term artist residency program in Berlin.These residencies entitled "A Roof Above Your Head" have a nomadic form themselves within Berlin.

On 2012, the artists (Oliver Morvan,Valérie Leray. )
July1- Aug 14 2012 - Oliver Morvan (FR)
Aug14-Sep30 2012 - Valérie Leray (FR)



On 2011, the 4 artists (Oliver Morvan, Sebastien Pons,Brigitte Perrotto, Line Francillon) from Orléans (FR), invited by La-Mire, are staying in various places   (e.g. artists' studios, apartments, art spaces ) to develop or complete a work.
February22-22011 - Oliver Morvan (FR)
March27-19 22011 - Sébastien Pons (FR)
March22-25 22011 - Brigitte Perrotto(FR)
Aug26-22 2.22011 - Line Francillon (FR)