en Homesession
Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 15
08004 Barcelona
29/10/2016 AT 14:00H TO 21:00H ( AT 19:00 TO 21:00 PERFORMATIVE INTERVENTION BY ELISA DUCA/bösediva )

SOMETHING SILVERY is a site specific performative intervention in the Homesession space. Elisa Duca of bösediva from Berlin will render the space inaccessible and unusable with a massive amount of silver foil and then make it accessible again in a two hour performance. The idea is to create beauty and trouble simultaneously.The installation will change the way we perceive the space. During the performance the audience will both be forced to deal with the disturbance and free to find their own way through the space and their own use for the silver foil.

The performance in the Homesession space is the second installment of SOMETHING SILVERY, which was first presented at Roter Salon/Volksbühne Berlin in January 2016.

Elisa Duca in part of the artist duo bösediva founded in Berlin in 2009. She works in performance art, sculpture, video- and sound-installation. Her works usually last long, duration plays an important role. She's constantly looking for a balance between chaos and order. Her work is about the becoming of things in their infinite possibilities. Beauty is on display, often in huge intricately designed spaces, but it is not meant to overpower. she insists on offering spectators an aesthetic experience which can also be alienating, and aims at giving spectators the highest possible amount of autonomy to design their own experience.